Dating on Mobile – 3 of The Best Services

Dating on Mobile: 3 of the Best Services

Dating on mobile, also known as cell dating or cell phone dating, is the biggest thing to hit the dating world since internet dating got big in the early 2000s, with revenues for 2009 of $215m. Although it’s still early days, present indications are that mobile dates are going to be increasingly popular beyond 2012, and one day could even eclipse regular internet dating for some demographics.

If you haven’t heard of mobile dating, this is the way it that many of the available services work: users first register with a service and create a short profile, which is called a ‘dating ID’. This is stored in the user’s phone and contains basic information about the user, dating preferences and so on. Then, as the user moves around while carrying their cell, the service automatically tracks their location. When two users with compatible dating IDs are in the same area, both will receive an alert on their phone, and they can open the alert to view the other person’s photo and their dating ID profile. If either person likes what they see, they can then choose to send a message or start chatting via MMS. Because they’re in the same area, if they decide to meet up, it’s really easy to do so.

So what services are out there which provide mobile dates? Here we present three of the biggest and most popular services:


YouandMe (http://www.Youand.Me) works just like the description above. It has two membership levels, basic and premium. The basic level is free, and allows members to create a profile, browse profiles, send ‘winks’, and respond to messages from other members. Premium membership, which is $10/month on most networks, allows you to send as many messages as you want to other members, get top placements in search results by other members, and receive ‘date alerts’ when a member who matches your dating profile is near your real-life location.

#2 is another popular site for online dating and mobile dates, but this one is based in the UK and is a little different. It’s heavily focused on acting as a way to ‘break the ice’ (hence the name) between two people who are already located in the same bar. Not just any bar though – the service tells you when and where ‘dating hot spots’ will be ahead of time, so that you can go there on the designated night with your cell phone. Then when you go there, you can use your cell to send messages to people you see there, to see if they might be up for a chat.

#3 is of course one of the biggest regular internet dating services and it has been around for years. Now however they are investing heavily in mobile dating. Perhaps due to their background, the mobile dating service acts more like a traditional internet dating site that you can carry around with you. Of course it’s more focused on photos rather than lengthy profiles, and on ‘winks’ rather than full messages, but it doesn’t place as much emphasis on co-location ‘insta-dates’ likes other services do.

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