How to Get Love Struck

How to Get Love Struck!

Consider one of the easiest ways to meet business professionals who are single just like you by using the LoveStruck application. This great dating tool is based off of where you work instead of where you live which makes it different than many of the other apps out there. Think of this helpful dating tool as your little black book!

If you find someone of interest you can easily get into contact with them using this application. Easily meet up for a drink after work or get a cup of coffee during your break! Perhaps its most beneficial feature is the user’s ability to be able to use a feature called ‘availability control.’ As a user you are able to update your status just like you would on say, on Facebook or other social networking sites.

This way others can know when you are available to date or meet up. Some of the status options include ‘free for lunch’ or ‘free tonight.’ Many dating applications focus on other locations but this one is great because it matches per your work location only. During our busy lives of work, dating can certainly be hard because you simply don’t have the time. Make it easier with LoveStruck!

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